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Two types of online shopping and how they can help your business

How the pandemic has affected market preferences in online shopping It is not foreign to hear of people shopping online nowadays, especially after the pandemic has affected other transaction methods except online transactions. The online shopping experience, too, has evolved since then as more users are using c-commerce. There are

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What does building a full-fledged software looks like?

Imagine one day you woke up with a brilliant idea, and you’re excited to build a software around it, what would be your next step and how can you build a full-fledged, sustainable software product? Building a full-fledged and sustainable software is not just about code development (programming). It is

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How ChatGPT impacts workforce and its industry

Let’s go down memory lane – the telephone was invented in 1876, the computer in 1937, and the internet and laptop both in 1974. What we are looking at here is the progress of innovation happening faster in history. The rapid pace of technological advancements is reshaping the world as

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