Process Management Software

Symphony allows you and your team to create well-structured work routines and automate recurring processes to increase productivity and team communication.

Coordinate Workflow

Create Team Synergy

Enhance collaboration and communication through our process management flow. Ensure team alignment through automated updates and instructions.

Reduce Administrative Load

Reduce Administrative Load

Stop wasting time micro-managing unproductive processes. Automate your workflow management and increase your operational efficiency.

Enable Remote Working

Enable Remote Working

Monitor your team’s progress even when not in the office. Symphony enables members to submit and review documents wherever they are.

Empower your team

Enhance your team’s workflow management through automated routines. Equip your team with Symphony and achieve greater efficiency and work quality.

Symphony Features

Process Management Dashboard

Ensure your team is on the same page and project deadlines are met. Easily track the progress of your team, prioritize job orders, and communicate updates through our process management dashboard.

Symphony Process Management Dashboard
Symphony Remote Review Team Work

Remotely review your team’s work

Ensure all necessary paperwork is completed and reduce time spent switching between work mediums trying to find submitted files. Quickly review documents uploaded by team members and provide timely feedback even while working remotely.

Automate Repeating Processes

Reduce the need to constantly manage recurring processes. Choose from our standardised work routines or customise your own with detailed steps for your team to follow. Automatically run these routines and send out emails communicating instructions and updates.

Symphony Automatic Repeat Processes
Symphony App Integration

App Integration

Symphony integrates other applications to create a seamless work experience on one platform. Communicate instructions effectively through automated e-mail and WhatsApp features, track project expenses accurately using Xero, and more.

Process Project Management Software

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