Employee Scheduling System

Conductor enables you to efficiently assign jobs to your team members through a shared roster platform, allowing for more effective communication of availability and responsibility.

Form the Right Team

Form the Right Team

Ensure members with the right expertise are assigned to each role based on availability, training, experience, and interest.

Improve Accountability

Improve Accountability

Increase team transparency and trust through our collaborative roster planning platform.

Optimise Manpower Usage

Optimise Manpower Usage

Avoid over and under staffing your events. Review team performance in previous events and refine task allocations to increase productivity.

Enhance your Roster Planning

Gain better visibility of your team’s constraints and capabilities as you plan their duty roster. Assign the best people for each job using Conductor.

Conductor Features

Improve Duty Planning Efficiency

Reduce back and forth communication between manager and staff. Assign staffing requirements for each event and fluidly plan duties according to the available timeslots indicated by each staff member.

Conductor Improve Duty Planning Efficiency
Conductor Error Free Planning

Error-free Planning

Easily identify and correct roster planning errors. Conductors flags out conflicts in schedules, double assignment of roles, and inadequate allocation of manpower.

Automatic Timesheet Generation

Stop wasting your effort manually tracing the duties of your team members. Rapidly generate accurate reports of staff attendance and commitments and streamline your staffing policies through our automatically generated timesheets.

Conductor Automatic Timesheet Generation
Find out more about Conductor

Find out more about Conductor

Conductor helps you reduce roster planning errors, optimise manpower allocation, and increase transparency within your team.

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