Procurement Management Software

Presto is a smart procurement processing tool that streamlines your company’s procurement system. Presto enables your manager to quickly approve of B2B procurement orders placed by your team, reducing time spent processing orders.

Quicker Procurement

Quicker Procurement

Centralized procurement platform that reduces time spent placing orders and accounting expenses.

Reduce Human Errors

Reduce Human Errors

Structured procurement process that reduces errors in communication and provides clear order and approval channels.

Expense Management

Expense Management

Analyse your order history to optimise your department’s expenses and track spending trends.

Digitalize your Procurement Process

Bring your company’s procurement system online and allow team members to manage orders whenever and wherever they need.

Presto Features

Budget Tracking

Easily monitor the recent expenses of your department and visualise your remaining budget through Presto. Use our budget tracking feature to help you decide if you should approve new procurement orders.

Presto Budget Tracking
Presto Procurement Order Monitoring

Procurement Order Monitoring

Reduce confusion over what has been ordered and what needs to be ordered. Check which orders have been placed and which ones are still awaiting approval through Presto’s order management dashboard.

One-Click Re-ordering

Eliminate lengthy email chains and time-consuming phone calls from your procurement process. Save your recurring orders on Presto and place them with a single click allowing your manager to approve them soon after.

Presto One-Click Reordering
Presto Consolidated Order History

Consolidated Order History

No need to dig out receipts and check your emails to consolidate your past orders. Easily access your order history through Presto to gain an overview of your past expenses.

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Presto helps expedite your procurement process, reduce human errors, and improve expense management. Experience the power of Presto.

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