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The M&A Process – How to Prepare a Company for Sale

Many  entrepreneurs’ goal is to start a company, grow the business, operate  it effectively then eventually sell out their stake for a handsome  profit. According to Robert Uhlaner, lead of McKinsey’s global Corporate  Finance Practice, many business leaders are not prepared for the  intensity of completing an M&A deal. Many

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Introduction to Accounting

What is accounting? Accounting is pertinent to all business owners. It is the process of  recording, summarizing, analyzing, interpreting and reporting the  financial information of an organization. This financial information  gathered is key to assist managers and executives to make business  decisions. Importance of accounting Information derived from the process

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Deriving Business Strategy using Financial Model

There is a fine saying by Sun Tzu: “know yourself, and you will win  all battles.” In the business context, I cannot think of a more tried  and tested tool than the financial model which spurs entrepreneurs to  stay constantly updated with a 360 degree understanding of their  business. Do

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When to hire a start-up CFO?

Companies often ask “Do I need a CFO?” and if so, when do I need one.  In many cases, they are too streamlined to hire an employee for the  sole CFO role as such a start-up CFO is an alternative! A start-up CFO benefits your company greatly in many ways.

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Why hire a contract CFO?

It is common for entrepreneurs or start-ups to find themselves unable  to make progress in their business plans due to their financial  situation. The internal accounting processes not being optimal, or the  financial data collected and analysed being irrelevant may be some  issues you are facing in your business operation.

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