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Surviving COVID-19 – A CFO’s Perspective

How to overcome F&B challenges posed by COVID-19 In the first presentation of our “Full-house” Webinar series, Ms Julia Kwok covers the challenges faced by the F&B industry and the strategies that businesses can employ to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. Julia, partner at Paloe, has helped manage major F&B

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How to survive COVID-19 with term loans

During our webinar “Surviving COVID-19 – A CFO’s Perspective” we invited Mr Janus Lim, Managing Director of Finaqe Group, to share his advice on getting a term loan given the COVID-19 situation. He covers the key aspects of personal credit and a company’s finance that influence bank loan approval. Here

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How to manage your cashflow and grow your startup

Cash keeps you running When it comes to the success of a start-up, the saying “Cash is King” could not be emphasised enough. Cash is often the main reason companies stay alive longer than its competitors. It sustains businesses while seeking a new round of financing, driving rapid growth. It

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How to Craft an Effective Investor Pitch Deck

Pitch deck – A visual narrative D When it comes to convincing new investors to get onboard a unique value proposition, the pitch deck is often a differentiating tool that stands between founders and their next round of much needed capital injection. The pitch deck is an important visual device

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Types of work pass and permits for foreign professionals

Singapore is very dependent on foreign talents to help boost its  economy. In June 2016, the total foreign workforce surmounted to  1,404,700 people. This is approximately a fifth of Singapore’s  population. There are many debates on whether foreign talent is  essential in Singapore’s economic growth or is hindering it instead

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