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Raising your Series A round

Raised a seed round? Besides the obvious benefit – funding, what you get is the implicit confirmation on the potential of your business idea and the momentum to keep venturing forward. A seed round is meant to supply a start-up with sufficient capital to support product development and initial market

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Should you revisit your budgeting process in 2021?

With the Covid-19 Pandemic persisting towards the last quarter of 2020, uncertainties cloud the pace of recovery. Businesses can use this as an opportunity to re-evaluate their budgeting processes. What is the zero-based budgeting approach?  Instead of building incremental budgets on last year’s actuals (traditional approach), you would be building

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Is your business eligible for the Enterprise Development Grant?

What is Enterprise Development Grant (EDG)? With the onset of Covid-19 and its impact on catalysing businesses towards digitalisation, many companies must adopt technology and innovate their processes to survive. Thankfully, companies can receive aid in doing so. The Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) is one such scheme that seeks to

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Churn Rate and How It Affects Companies

Churn can be measured either in terms of lost customers (customer churn rate) or lost revenue (revenue churn rate). The customer churn is the rate at which customers stop doing business with an entity, while the revenue churn is the rate at which a company loses revenue as a result

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Alternative Venture Financing

Should you consider Venture Debt Financing? Founders Friday is a monthly webinar that touches on topics that most Founders usually face in their entrepreneurial journey. For the Month of August, we are honoured to have Mr Martin Tang, Co-Founder of Genesis Alternative Ventures to share on alternative financing. Martin TangPrior to

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Monthly Recurring Revenue and Its Uses

Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is a key metric in evaluating the performance of any subscription business. It is simply the sum product of the number of unique business subscribers and the price of the monthly subscription plan. In this article, we will cover the different types of MRR, their uses,

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